The red city

The Menara
Pavilion ...

This huge and ancient olive grove set around a central pool (200m by
150m) dates back to the twelfth century - the Almohade dynasty. The
pool is the source of water to irrigate the gardens through an elaborate
system of undeground channels. The classically simple pavilion with its
green-tiled pitched roof dates back to the end of the nineteenth

Bab Agnaou

Yacoub Al-Mansour built this gate
and gave it its mysterious name at the
end of the twelfth century. It is the
main gateway to the Kasbah of the
Almohades and leads to the
contemporaneous Grand Mosque.
It was intended for the use of the
inhabitants as they wen about their
business and is therefore decorative
rather than defensive in design.

Ben Youssef

One of the largest medersat in Noth Africa.
It was built by Abd Allah Al Ghaïb of the Saadian dynasty in
1564 - 1565.
It is a four-sided building covering an area of 1680m and
includes a prayer room and 130 rooms for students. It is a true
reflection of the magnificent art of the Saadian dynasty.

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