Jemaa El Fna mean ‘congregation of the dead’ - an echo of
days gone by when the Sultans decredd that the heads of
executed prisoners should be displayed in the square.

Jemaa El Fna Square dates back to the very foundation of
the city of Marrakech (1070-1071) and its cosmopolitan
vibrancy has been a symbol of the city and the highlight of
travellers’ tales ever since.

Gnaoua dancers
in the square

Jemaa El fna is at the heart of the medina
and has been named a World Oral Heritage
Site as part of the list of World Oral
heritage Sites.

It is a true crossroads of cultures and a
meeting place for inhabitants and visitors
alike, It is an open air stage for story-tellers,
acrobats,musicians, comedians, dancers,
animal trainers,snake charmers and henna

Jemaa El Fna - any evening ...

Traditional Arabic Andalusian